A little bit about me, Tommy G. (Tommy Goggia)

Aloha From Maui, Hawaii...

I'm a downhiller too. (kinda) Here I am during one of my sunrise descents down Haleakala's Skyline Trail.

It hard to say why I ride. The technical challange, maybe. The commune with nature, exercise, utility, racing, the toy factor or the kid that's still in me. I guess its all of them.

I'm no pro mountain biker, that's for sure, but at work, I was a pro (I guess) at "driving" telescope-dome systems also operating sensor and computer systems all for data collection on satellites, asteroids and other space-type stuff that weigh well over 100,000 times the weight of my bike.

I retired early from this job and now manage rental properties. When I'm not working, [IMAGE] I usually riding one of my bikes.

Upcountry Maui

The Kula Forest Reserve and Poli Poli State Park are ideal places for mountain biking and hiking. Cool temperatures, in the 60 degree range, and an elevation of about 6,000 feet provide an ideal climate and great views. Giant Eucalyptus, Pine and Redwood trees thrive here. This is a great place to get away from it all and escape from the heat of Maui's perpetual summer. Sealevel temperatures now, (January) are low to mid 80's days and 60's to lower 70's at night. It's 20 to 30 degrees cooler up on Haleakala's bike trails.

My bikes are an AMP B5, plus a Cannondale Six/13 Team Edition and CannondaleSR900 (Headshock) road bikes and my favorite of all, an Intense Uzzi DH (downhill). For a recent picture of me and Ned (Overend)click here. For a picture of my "other" bike click here.

Excellent diving and snorkeling year round.


You can reach me, Tommy Goggia, by e-mail at: tomg@maui.net